zucchini Recipe: worth a try, it’s delicious

I don’t know about you, but I really like zucchini. This overseas squash relative came to Europe from Mexico. Representative of the cucurbit family, he like pumpkin, can grow to a length of several meters.

 But the cook of the giants cannot. The most delicious derived from fruit about 20 cm long. Depending on the variety of pumpkin it can be light green or yellow speckles, solid or covered with libol stripes.

In contrast to the usual zucchini its European counterpart has a delicate skin that cannot be removed. And zucchini can be eaten raw.

Zucchini young, seedless

Try this recipe. Zucchini (young, seedless) cut into strips, like a cucumber. Separately, to fill: Mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a little minced garlic, aromatic herbs. Well rubbed refills, poured her salad and sprinkled parmesan on top of everything.

Sometimes, when I want to get a more delicate flavor, I use a different recipe for the sauce. Zucchini not washed down with vinegar and white sauce made from vegetables and yogurt. It turns out perfectly.

What to cook zucchini still possible? Everything. I like zucchini pancakes. You just need to rub a fruit on a grater, add half a glass of yogurt, a couple of tablespoons of flour, soda off, spices. The dough should have is not very thick, like the usual pancakes. Fry over medium heat until brown. These pancakes are good, with the same white sauce, yogurt, sour cream.

My neighbor gave me another recipe. Zucchini she uses for baking pies. It turns out a nice salty sweet. She whips in a mixer 2 eggs, a cup of cream or milk, 2 tablespoons of flour, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, salt, herbs, pepper. The final mixture is whipped in advance add grated zucchini and mix 45 minutes cooks. The ideal additive for such a cake can be a puree of fruit, honey and nuts or simply cream. Zucchini recipes allow any gravy, here it is necessary to orientiovatsya only to your taste.

In the summer my family is happy to have vegetable soups. Above all we have a popular recipe. Zucchini with onion, carrot, sweet pepper and garlic, I fry in vegetable oil. To move the carcass into a saucepan for a few minutes. Blender turns everything into a puree, add butter in it, glass of cream to give it a boil. Sprinkle with spices and herbs, I salt. I especially like the mint and parsley. Soup can be supplied with crackers or sprinkled with grated cheese. Delicate and fragrant, this soup also helps you lose weight.

If we talk about main dishes, my favorite recipes for Zucchini – is the fruit, stuffed vegetables, and even the crisp zucchini with vinegar.

For the preparation of stuffed zucchini, I prepare the filling. Carrot, pepper, parsnip (white root), onion in approximately equal quantities until cooked in vegetable oil. Zucchini cut into large rings, choose meat, mix with vegetable filling. The rings are filled with well spread in a saucepan, a few minutes of the carcass in a tomato cream sauce with spices. Then I sprinkle with cheese and send a couple of minutes and in the oven, so that it melted. If someone likes hot dishes, melted cheese in the oven is possible before serving.

Here is another recipe – zucchini in vinegar. I prepare filling. In fact it is necessary olive oil, vinegar, crushed garlic. We love spicy, so take a lot of garlic. Everything carefully frays with salt, until the composition turns white.

Over high heat, fry the chopped zucchini slices. I do it very quickly: zucchini cannot overcook. Spread into a deep dish sauteed vegetables, sprinkle with a mixture of finely chopped vegetables and peppers. I like herbal blend of mint, sage, basil, thyme. But it is a matter of taste. I’m watering the locker room. Then I repeat the procedure. This dish – a great appetizer, can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

Zucchini can keep for the winter. Usually these fit all recipes are homemade used in pickling cucumbers.

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